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Real Estate

Billboards are a great way to maximizethe income on your
property while consuminga minimum amount of space.

New Construction

L&W is always seeking opportunities to expand its business through the construction of new billboards. If you own commercial or industrial property with frontage along an interstate (or major highway), you may have a legal location for a billboard. Please contact us today to discuss your options and see if we can help you maximize your income.

Existing Billboards

We are also in the market to aquire existing billboards. If you own one or more billboard sign structures that is not currently under contract with another advertising company, please reach out to us today. L&W may be able to get your billboard up and running, and restore your lost income.

Lease Buyouts

If you already have a lease with L&W and you have been contacted about selling your lease, please give us a call before you make a decision. We would be happy to discuss a lease buyout with you, and in most cases we can pay more than a foreign investment company because we are already invested in your property.

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